FeelUnique Beauty Box - Arrived 23 December 2011

So this only arrived over a month late!
But anyways!

I was hoping to be very impressed with this box, but nope... not at all.

It came packaged just in a cardboard outer box, which is fine, not a big deal.
The box itself IS nice. The quality of the box is good and the colours are great. I also love that its a drawer box.
If I continued getting one, I would stack them up and use them for jewellery i think.

So ....

Upon opening the box, there's the obligatory paper work!
And it's pretty much standard, all strategically placed in the shredded paper stuff.

What I Got:

The Tigi Sugar Dust is absolutely amazing to say the least!

I havent really formed an opinion on any of the items aside for the perfume which was not at all to my taste!
It's a very woody, spicey smell, definitely a uni-sex scent! So Richard has claimed it!

The rest I will have to add to this once I try it!

Ciao for now bellas!

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