TreatBox March

I have been wanting to start a subscription box again but nothing had been calling to me. 
I don't like the beauty ones where you pay £12-£15 for 4-6 beauty products, most are small sizes or free samples. Or you get things you'll never use so you give them away or they grow dust somewhere. You really don't feel like you get your moneys worth.

Well, I found a box which I feel is well worth the small fee I paid!

The box should fit through most letter boxes but my letter box is small :/
But the mail man will leave it with a neighbour.

This months box is Spring themed obvs.

So everything was a nice yellow tone with floral and insect inspired imagery.

I have used the calendar to mark off the days till my trip to Amsterdam on the 17th of this month.

Here's everything I got:

Here's a pic from the site itself with the bits and bobs.

In total you get a Post Card sized image with an inspirational quote on, Calendar, 2 spring themed greeting cards, a pack of wildflower seeds, a honeycomb treat, cocoa, shea & honey bath melt, a nail clipper and file pack and a tricking lunchbox.
All together thats 9 items. 

Below is a collection of the items I got, just in more detail. 

The monthly cost is only £12 with free delivery and comes the 1st week of the month.
I paid for mine on 27th and got it 2 days later.

Can't wait to plant these along with my two other boxes of meadow mix seeds.

You can also build your own boxes or get old boxes. All the bits in the boxes are also on sale separately so if you specially like one item you can repurchase it really affordably on the site itself.

 I can always do with a new lunch box. I'm saving this one. 

The box is chockablock filled. 
I love that all the items are thoughtful pieces. 
Even down to the materials used. The box itself and the tissue paper is all biodegradable. 
So its earth friendly. 

Have a look at TreatBox UK if, like me, you want a super cute subscription box which isn't full of shit you won't use!

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Polaroid Zip

I've always wanted a polaroid camera for as long as i can remember but they're so bulky and I would always forget to have it charged up and ready to go.

So when I searched alternatives, I found this bad boy... Polaroid ZIP. It's a polaroid printer. 

In the pack I got the Printer, charger cable and a set of 10 papers.

Its super easy to use. It takes a mini usb charger so even if i lost this one, I know I have plenty round the house I can use. 

As you can see, the printer itself is super compact and fits right in your hand.

It prints business card sized glossy images which are ideal for your purse/wallet. Best part...You can peel the back off and its a sticker!

Have you tried a polaroid printer/camera?

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Payday Haul

So payday came and I decided to treat myself. 

I needed to replace my Studio Secrets pot as it had seriously been used and abused!
Here's all that I got.

Rachel had introduced me to Studio Secrets and I use it religiously before make up.
It feels so silky smooth on my skin! 

Id always been interested in this 8 hour cream lip balm for wearing at night but its a good lip balm for during the day. 

Trying this False Lash Effect mascara cos I have been loyal to Maybeline but i feel that its not doing what I need anymore. 

I have wanted to try Illamasqua lipstick for some time but never saw a colour I loved. But this one popped out for me 


Have you treated yourself recently?

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Christmassy Graze Box

After not having a Graze box in some time, this one popped through the post.
I had forgotten when I'd set my boxes to start again so this was a nice little pre christmas treat to receive.

The box was really cute, with winter hats all over it.

The packaging was super festive, right down to the inside of the box and underneath all the snack pots too!

Inside was the usual 4 pots of yummy treats.
In this box I got Banana bread, Bonnie wee Oatcakes, Hot Cross Yums, Poppy Seed Bagels.

I didn't have the tea with the banana bread as its english breakfast which I don't drink, but everything else was delicious!

Have you picked up a graze box yet? click the link on the right of my blog for a free box!

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Christmas Gift Ideas - Male Friend

As my previous post states, its time to get cracking with the gift buying for this Christmas.

I compiled a little gift idea of the men in your life, obviously this is based on the men in my life, being my friend Gavin and my Dad.

drone helicopter // coffee machine // mug // watch // boxers
jelly beans // ck one // goldschlauer // haig club whiskey // american sweet collection
jpg le male // ck euphoria // beats headphones // xbox one games
diesel fuel for life // vans // hip flask

What have you been buying??

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Christmas Gift Ideas - Female Friend

Which means its Christmas soon and time to get cracking on the present buying if you haven't already done so.
I trawled through the internet to find some ideas for those special people in your lives. 

This is for those women in your life...

LED sign board // hip flask // personalised vodka
bomb cosmetics candle // yankee candles // pineapple ice bucket // Edinburgh gin
lily flame candle tins // flamingo string lights //  table mirror 
note books // mulled wine set // cook book // brownie in a jar // bath bombs // watch

What are your gift ideas?

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Days Out - Chatsworth

A few weeks back we went for a drive in the Peaks and pulled into Chatsworth farm store whilst we drove through Chatsworth House grounds. 

We drove through the grounds and had to stop for a bunch of cows crossing which was nifty. 
They were pretty cows anyway so it was ok.

Chatsworth house in the distance.

We stopped in at the farm store for some bits. 
Everything is so fresh and lovely!

I love that you get actual wicker baskets, not plastic ones.

This is what I picked up from the farm store.

Have you been to a farm store recently? What did you get?

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