Glossy Box (NOVEMBER'S)

Got to work this morning and there it was ....

First impressions are good!
It's boxed nicely, the outer packaging is nice, and well presented.

The actual beauty box itself is lovely!
Made from strong card, a nice pale pink colour with their logo on it.

You get their list of items, which I put aside to read after.
And also a little bit of info on Glossy boxes for Men.
As always, its wrapped in black tissue paper with the ribbon round it and the glossy box sticker on it.

Then inside is the usual shredded black paper "stuffing" with your products ontop of that.

What I Got:

Product list.
1. Monu Moisturiser
2. FC5 Hand creme
3. Dead Sea Sa Magik Bath Salts
4. Nail Rock applications
5. Illamasqua sample - Freak

I don't know if I will be continuing my subscribtion to Glossy Box.
I'm not all that impressed with what I recieved!
Infact, I'm pretty sure I recieved last months box.

I was expecting a bit more "gloss" to be honest.
So I was fairly let down.
And one thing  I'm not all too hapy with is the fact that you receive a sample perfume as one of your items with the Glossy Box!
I've heard that you get these as extra items in other beauty boxes, so we shall see what the Feel Unique box brings!

Who knows, mabey I wont be very imressed with the others...

That's it for now!

Ciao for now bellas!

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