OK.... a change from my normal post.

If you use Google Chrome you will know that it has recently had a make over!
And there's more apps to add to your main chrome screen.

Well I was just browsing through some and I came across the NON  STOP NYAN CAT!

If you're not familiar with the Nyan Cat ...

Its basically a video of this cartooned, game boy graphic cat, to a typical gameboy'esque song.
Which obviously sounds like its saying nyan nyan nyan nyan all the time.

So someone has created this "game" for the Chrome apps.
And not only is it a NON STOP Nyan Cat, it ALSO tells you how long you've "nyaned" for.

It also has different Nyan's to try ......

1. Baloon kitty Nyan  & 2.  Original Non-stop Nyan cat.
3. Melon Bird Nayn  & 4. Retro Nyan.
5. Merry Nyanmas & 6. Sad Nyan.
7. Toaster Dog Nyan & 8. Star Sheep Nyan.
9. Elevator Nyan & 10. Sloooooow Nyan.
11. Gameboy Nyan & 12. Smurf Nyan.
13. Jackson 5 Nyan & 14. Fiesta Dog Nyan.
15. Jazz Nyan & 16. Tac Nayn (backwards cat nyan).

I think I have a problem because I could literally listen to this for hours!!!

All are pretty funny, but I still love the original Nyan!
As you can see by how long I've nyaned for!

Ok so now back to the normal "beauty n fashion etc " posts!

Ciao for now bellas!

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