My Lovely Vanity Set Up

 as you will remember in my last post I told you guys about the vanity desk I got from Rick's dad.
Well I decided to get a few pictures of it as well as make a short film showing how its set up.

I know it goes dark in some bits, but you get the "jist" of it really.

I really do love it so much!
It fits well in our bedroom and it's against the window so I get the natural light, which obviously helps when putting on your face!

Its got 8 drawers, and plenty surface space.
 In the left set of drawers, one is filled with make up bags, but this was only done after the pics were taken.
Hair Products/Accesories
Cleansing Products
Bath Bombs & Dye.

Eye Shadow Palettes
Misc Make Up

Table top orgonisations

Accessories hanger

2 mini drawer sets. 

Bottom Drawers
Lip Glosses & Lipsticks/Liners
Middle Drawers
Lip Balms/Chapsticks & Eyeliners
Top Drawers
Earrings & Mascaras

Nail Polishes & Stickers
 So yeah...
That's the set up of my vanity area. and I love it!

Ciao for now bellas!

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