Photo A Day April

Like I said a couple of weeks or so ago, I am consciously trying to take part in the Photo A Day challenge which Chantelle holds each month.

Now admittedly that has proven to be a task with the on goings of the past 2 weeks'ish, but I kinda managed to do it!
I did originally plan to do it week by week and do a weekly update but I just kept forgetting to update it.
So here is the full months challenge!

your reflection/colour/mail/someone who makes you happy/tiny/lunch
shadow/inside your wallet/younger you/cold/where you ate breakfast/stairs
something you found/how you feel today/sunset/flower/something you don't like/hair
orange/something you drew/bottle/the last thing you bought/vegetable/something you're grateful for
looking down/black&white/somewhere you went/1pm/circle/something that makes you sad

#4 someone who makes you happy: when I started this challenge, Rick and I were still together, so I'm not going to change that picture. It's part of the month and I don't need to change things in my past!

That's the Photo A Day challenge for April ...

And here are some other pictures I took throughout the month.

ice tea & my kiss =D

elf brush/clarins gloss/benefit erase paste/no7 eyeliner

 food for work/ice cream my brother got me

making origami hearts for a swap

mango lassi/snow globe and clock

pink lips/freesias from my brother

Ciao for now bellas!

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