Meh internet fuckery

Ok so my images have been deleted from Picasa Web Albums because I had apparently reached my limit. Thus deleting every single image on my blog =(

"We're sorry, but you have exceeded your photo upload quota"

I certainly was NOT aware that there was an upload limit with blogger & Google+, I was trying to update the layout of my blog and could not for the life of me upload a new image and it said to delete images on the online album to free up space to upload, and it is clear now that doing so actually renders every single image ever uploaded to my blog... useless and now deleted :/

So ... I think my entire blog has been lost to internet fuckery... thanks Google+!
Trying to fix it now, fingers crossed!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. Eurgh what a nightmare! When I used up my space, it just wouldn't let me upload any more. I had to purchase more storage. Sorry it's deleted everything on your blog and hope you can sort it out!

  2. Oh no :( fingers crossed you can get it fixed hun.

  3. Oh honey!!!! I fall in love with your t-shirt.
    Oh no, now I can't see you pictures, I hope that you fix it soon
    Kisses ang hugs from http://theduchessbyanapizarro.blogspot.com.es/
    Sorry for my English

  4. I had to buy extra storage which cost about a fiver, BUT it did delete some of my photos, so now I have to go through 3 years of blogs to re-upload photos. Grr. I hope you get it all sorted! xo


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