Twinings Strawberry&Mango tea.

Less of a beauty/fatshion post and more of a delicious drink post.

So I don't really know why, but I'm not much of a hot drinks person, even in winter.
I do like the odd cup of tea or a hot chocolate, but I'd far rather sip on a nice fresh ice tea or glass of water.
And recently I have been really trying to find a drink I love.

I don't want to spend loadsa money and stock up on bottled ice teas or boxes of juice, I wanted something cheap enough but something that would last long enough.
So whilst out the other day I was looking for a drink, maybe in powder or granular form, or maybe even like a cordial. 
I wasn't having much luck, until I went down the tea & coffee isle and spotted some Twinings boxes. They all looked so enticing. And I thought instead of making hot tea, I could just make the tea and leave it to cool.
And that just started a whole new revolution for me!

So I got a box of Twinings Strawberry&Mango tea. For only £1.00.
(It even suggests making iced tea from this on the box)

So this is how I do it.

When my mom n dad are having tea/coffee, I ask them to put one of the twinings bags in a cup with 1 sweetner/sugar as well as a bag of Rooibos tea.

I let the tea cool down till it is cold, and the tea has changed from a light pink to a dark pink/red colour.
Once cooled I pour the tea and the teabags into, what I call a Water Drum, you know the kinds you get in the office at work... this is a mini one.
(bargain at £1.00 from poundland)
I leave this in the fridge till I have filled the drum to the top with tea and teabags.

I also add a bit of lemon/lime juice to the tea to give it tiny bit of a tang.

I used this drink of mine the other night for my dad and I, we were sitting outside whilst the sunset, just chatting and enjoying the evening.
So I decanted it into a jug.
But if its just for me, I leave it in the water drum and just pour some out as and when needed.

I like to serve it with a wedge of lemon and some ice.

I am a tiny bit obsessed with this drink I created.
I have also used the tea drink as a base for fruit smoothies instead of boxed juices. And it works so well with the fruit smoothie, and the hint of tea... delicious!

Ciao for now bellas!

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