Lady Dates with Laura

Another date with the lovely Laura at Meadowhall.
We hopped on the tram, Laura's first time EVER ... not that exciting at all, but still, there's a first for everything.

on the tram (stolen from laura)

We got off at the back entrance to Meadowhall and went through Debenhams where we spotted some awesome artwork,  I particularly liked the items with dogs. They also had some old style phones... how cool would it be to have one of these again? And as always, I'm drawn to anything French/Paris inspired, I lusted after the Eiffel Tower lamp.

We went straight to Yours Clothing after a quick stroll through Debenhams, I tried on a pair of "wet look" leopard print leggings. I took a 26 so I could pull them up over my belly (I usually fit a 20/22 perfectly) and these were just terrible! So bad I didn't take a picture. They were rouged in so many areas, and they felt horrible on, I walked around the changing room in them and they made a noise too. Not a good item for me sadly.

I have been into this particular Yours store 4 times now, and I am somewhat disappointed with the shop assistants.
They are a bit rude really. When Laura and I both gave one girl our items we weren't buying, she looked at us as if we had just poo'd on her shoes! I just wish they would make their customers feel welcome.

But anyway ...

I have been loving wearing skirts under the bust and the Black Contrast Spot Mesh Skirt was perfect for that!
At £25.00 it's a bit steep for a skirt, but we can wait for the sales!
It feels very "ballarina'esque".

We also both picked up this adorable Polka Dot dress with cute frilly sleeves. 
It has a tie back so it can be pulled back to create some shape. The material was lovely and soft and at only £25 it is a bargain by Yours standards!

We popped into New Look whilst we were there as well.
The changing rooms have had a massive re-vamp and they look lush! The changing stalls have the cutest clothes hooks now.

I tried on this lovely  Wrap Dress in a 26 for the boob and belly, and even though it was a gorgeous dress, and did loads for my bum, the boob area was just SO wrong.
I tried it on both with and without my bra on, and it squished them down, and they looked horrible.
Laura tried it on too and it really was not made for women with large breasts!

We also tried this Praslin Blue Sheer Polka Dot dress, I tried a 26 and Laura got a 28.
It's a lovely dress, very very soft material, but it kinda feels like it might be one of those dresses which catches on everything.
I liked the dress as it is, but for giggles I rolled up the underlay to under my bust and I kinda LOVE it more my way!

stolen from Laura

We stopped and had treats at the Fancie Cupcake stand, I got a mint macaroon and Laura got a choc mint cupcake.

We popped into Ann Summers and I saw this little number ... called Halle Black Babydoll. Admittedly I would wear this as a top, not as a lingerie item.
It is £40 though, and for what it is, not worth the money at all!
AGAIN, I'll wait for the sales.

We just walked into Republica from some reason and I stumbled upon this cat hood.
It was WAY too expensive at something like £30.

And finally, the only purchase of the day for me was from Dorothy Perkins.
A leopard print belt for only £2... bargain and a fricking half!
But we came across some awesome dresses which we loved, but being that Dorothy Perkins isn't very fat friendly, they didn't have in our sizes, not even a size 16!

LOVED that last dress, but good ol DP  didn't even make it for a 16 :/

DP disappointments aside, it was a lovely lady date with the even lovelier Laura!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. it seems like you have great plus size shops :(

  2. I have the same problems being a size 18, yet Dorothy Perkins only stock up to a 16 in most things, yet on the website they go up to a 22!?
    You claim you fit a 20/22 perfectly, yet you're always posting that you need a 26 for comfort round your boobs and belly, there's a vast diffrence between a size 20 and a 26. My suggestion is that you take measurements and compare them to the online size guides for these stores, I think you'll find you're more a 24/26, it'll help you know what sizes to pick out and the better fitting your clothes are, the more flattering they will be.

    1. This is the second time you have decided to be rude to me.
      The items I have shown on this blog are a size 26.
      You are telling me not to try items which are a correct size for me, ie; sizes 24 or 26. Well those are what I tried on. I do not claim to fit perfectly into a 20/22. I merely state that in certain shops, 20/22 fit fine on me. I also do not understand what your argument is on yet another blog about clothing because no where on this blog have I claimed that I tried on clothing in a size 20 or 22. Please stop commenting on my blog if you are only going to make nasty comments. And just stop looking at my blog if you have issues with it.
      You say you aren't trying to put me down, but you ARE. And this is the second time you have done it. It's enough now. Stop being nasty to people who have said nothing nasty to you.

    2. I wasn't trying to be horrible at all, I was offering advice for you to find the best fit for you. Like you said, different stores have different sizing, and I noticed on your shopping posts you seem to struggle to find which size would work best for you, hence my suggestion of taking measurements and comparing them to the company's sizing charts... I'm not entirely sure what you found insulting about it, was suggesting you try a bigger size for better fit and comfort insulting? I thought these blogs were about body confidence, yet I've been told I'm a bad person for -god forbid- suggesting you try different sizes for fit and comfort. Size is just a number on a label, fit and comfort and how flattering your clothes look is what's important. Pin me up as a hater if you want, that wasn't the intention, if I came to these blogs to say "lol your fat" I'd just out right say that. I'm a plus sized girl myself and I will wear something 5 sizes too big if it fits better than my "usual" size.

    3. No one said you are a bad person.
      Or said you were hating on me at all.
      I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in, and if I feel comfortable in a size 18 then so be it. I don't care if it doesnt fit me.
      No where on my blog am I saying that Im pissed that a size 18/20/22 doesnt fit me, so I have to size up. I always pick up sizes 24 or 26. But sometimes I would like to see bigger sizes in DP.

    4. I really hope you didn't get the wrong idea, I wasn't telling you what size to wear. Just offering a suggestion, sizes in shops vary so much, which is why looking at sizing charts help :) sorry if you took this the wrong way, it wasn't meant to be helpful, and I'm in no way telling you what size to wear. These posts are actually my favourites, I love seeing how plus sized clothes look on real women, not size 12 models most stores use. It would be great if dorother Perkins actually stocked up to a 22 in store, and not just online. xx

    5. I just think they way you came across was in a bit of an attack mode. And it bugs me when girls are rude to each other, specially when Im trying to create a positive space. And yes I think maybe I did get a bit too agro about it. I DO appreciate where you're coming from though. Hows about we draw a line under this as i certainly don't want to be the one to make people feel unwelcome or attacked, specially not on my own darn blog.

  3. That blue polkadot dress looks fab on you. It's a shame that cat hood is £30 looks well cute but I bet it wont be long until somewhere like primark does one :)

    I found you on bloggers.com btw so im now following x

    1. I know right, £30 for a cat hood, insane!
      I'm keeping my eye open for primark to make some! They did last year so fingers crossed.

  4. i love all the dresses in this post. Will definitely try to see if I can find them in a thrift store, can't wait to go thrifting soon. At least I will be able to find really cool stuff for cheap as against going to a proper store.
    Nice visit I had
    Lagos, Nigeria

    1. Oh thank you lovely lady, I sure do hope you find some lovely dresses soon!

  5. don't knw wht people think abt u... i think u r pretty good nd so cutie. never mind wht the people think abt u jst forget there thougts nd enjoy life as u want....


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