Autumnal Kodak Moments

I have been SUPER busy as of late.
I'd like to give some great excuse about life being so full and not having enough time, but really, I've just been working and sleeping... so meh.

Anyways... here's a round up of my life lately.

Recently it has consisted of various smoothies.

I WANT this ring so fricking bad!

I kinda love this next picture!
It was from last friday, after a 10 hour shift at work, I don't even know why I took the picture, but it looks so pretty!

Mmmmm ridiculously lovely mud slide cocktail fom TGI.
Such a lovely day with Laura and Rebecca!

WANT these trainers!

I started taking autumn pictures too, this tree is at the top of the hill I walk up every day to get to the bus stop.
I took a pic of it one sunny day and like 3 week later .... boom, no leaves!

I love the colours of Autumn, its all browns and golds and reds, and warmness!


I also walk past this house every day too, it belongs to our landlord, it used to be a chapel!

Nail varnish is from Primark.
£2.00 for 4 little bottles of glittery joy!
I think this set has re ignited my love for glitter polish!

OOOOH... I used to get this in 1ltr bottles from Farm Foods in Bradford, and LOVED it so much, then I moved and for the life of me could not find a single carton of it anymore.
Till I stumbled upon it in the train station!
This is a small carton, and had a nifty movember tash on the top of the carton so when you drink it, it looks like you have a moustache... so clever huh!?

I splashed out and purchased a mug from work, it was a pricey £2.00. Woot!
And gets me 5p off a drink when I use the mug!

"I'm no fine china, but I know how to hold a brew"

And finally, my obsession for all things snowglobe form has got out of control and I am now demanding this be purchased for me for christmas... it's £45.00.

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. some fab shots there hun, love your spotty pumps and leggins,

    sorry to hear you've not been feeling yourself, hope your on the mend, i love your skirt and the spike top is fab x

    Not sure if you follow my blog but i'm just going through my old blog roll to tell people i've had to start a new blog as i'd run out of photo hosting space and didn't want to use an external host

    my new blog is http://sheiselec.blogspot.co.uk/

    cheers steph @sheselec xxx

    1. Oh yeah I had that happen to me. I just deleted some old posts because I have a url and cant afford to buy a new one.


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