Reds True Barbeque

Ok, so less of a fashion or beauty one tonight, and more of a "omg that food looks so good, i want it inside me now" sorta post!

On Saturday mom, dad and I went to West Yorkshire for the day.
And I had seen someone tweet about this American style bbq place, and I was pretty much salivating when I went to their website.
So I begged and pleaded to go, and we did =D

Red's True BBQ is possibly one of the BEST food joints I have ever eaten in!

I ordered a homemade sweet iced tea cocktail which used proper Yorkshire Tea! It was delicious, and so swwet, yet so sour! YUM fricking YUM!

I love the way the present everything.
From the menus, tables, and the glasses!

My dad ordered a Root Beer float, which was to die for!

Oh my glod, the sauces! I'm a sauce kinda girl, and these were glorious!
There was the typical ketchup, but also a Mustard based sauce, a Smokey BBQ, a Sweet and Tangy kinda sauce, and my fave, 666 Hot Sauce!

For starters we ordered some Ribs, Beef Jerky, and Pork Crackling.

Oh the milkshakes are possible the best I have tasted in ages!
This one was a Peanut Butter shake.
They come in awesome bottles, and theyre SOO thick!

The food comes presented on a tray, and in bowls.
Which I kinda love!

My mom got ribs and buffalo wings, with pit beans, fries and corn bread.
The pit beans are AMAZING! Smoky bbq baked beans, and kidney beans, with pulled pork and burnt ends in!

I ordered the texas beef brisket, with sweet potato fries and corn bread.
The brisket was sooo tender, it just melts in your mouth!

The over all feel of the place is great!
You can see the guys doing all the grilling and can actually see them smoking their food.
The atmosphere is what makes this experience awesome!

Gotta admit, it was a tiny bit pricey, £70 odd for 3 people, but I guess thats what makes it all the more special!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. I've tried to go here three times now and everytime we've gone its been so busy we'd had to wait an hour for a table!!! I'm so gutted when I live pretty much right next to it haha. I will eat there eventually I swear.

    1. Ahh, I did read on their twitter feed that it was busy on weekends, and in the evenings. We went for like late lunch, at bout 3pm'ish.

  2. this place looks so yummy!!! I would soooo go there! my kinda grub :)

    1. It is absolutely delicious! It's MY kinda food.

  3. Yummy! I'm so hungry now. You lucky thing! :)

    1. I know right, but the bill was a bit ridic for the 3 of us!

  4. I want to go here so bad ! Xx

  5. Ooh it all looks amazing! Gotta love peanut butter milkshakes!!

    1. I'm not a fan of peanut butter, but i tasted this and it was good!


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