Graze Box Arrived 30 November 2012

As always, it comes nicely packaged in a recyclable box.
With the information book telling you all about your graze that week.
All the nutritional info and also the half off friends n family coupons.

What I Got:
1. Dark Rocky Road  & 2.My Thai.
3.Texan Corn Salsa  & 4. Apple n Cinnamon Flapjack.

I am already a fan of pecan nuts, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries as single snacks. But combining them ... oh my glob!
Delicious. Although the chocolate could be of a better quality, it doesn't detract from the over all theme of the Dark Rocky Road snack pot.

Next is the My Thai, which II LOVED! I love rice crackers and soy crackers, so adding this to the chilli sauce is obviously going to be a good combo for me.

Texan Corn Salsa had salsa almonds, black beans and roasted corn, which were good too. I am not too familiar with the black bean as a snack, more as a veggie, but I like this one. It went well with the 2 other items. I  like corn nibs too, so really, there was no place to go wrong with this pot either.

And finally the flapjack... I'm not the biggest fan of cinnamon, but this one isnt too strongly spiced. Infact its more apple than anything else.

As with most Graze Boxes I get, very happy indeed!

Infact, I am nomming on a snack box right now!

If youre interested in getting a Graze box to try yourself, go to graze.com and enter the promo code - M5X7K49T. That gets you a free graze box, compliments of ME =D 

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. i used to get these the wasabi peas are amazing and the bread but they got a bit expensive xx

    1. The bread is lush! they do get a bit pricey if you get loads of them, like once a week, in a month you end up paying nearly 16 squids, but i am getting them cheap as i have had alot of people sign up to graze using my code, so mine are half price atm.


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