Lincoln Christmas Market

Saturday night I went to Lincoln with my mom and dad for the magicalness that is the Lincoln Christmas Market.

I friggin love going there every year.
There is something so magical about having a market at Christmas time, then add the castle into it too.
And a cathedral as well, it's like fairytale goodness!
I am ALSO, a massive sucker for a market too.

(these pics were taken on my phone, hence the poor quality)

That being said, on with the festive cheer.

We went into this little boutique shop, it had loadsa nifty alternative Christmas trees.
They were great, I do love the ol' conifer tree, adorned with baubles and tinsel, but I love an unusual tree.

This one reminds me of the tree my mom created when we were living in South Africa. She had this branch which my dad mounted in a silver bucket, and painted silver and glittery.
She had it in our sun room and it had lights wound round the branches, just for decoration, but one Christmas she decided to decorate it with these wire fairy's  we had, and added more lights, and a string of pearls, and diamante chains.
It was so beautiful, and it was our very own enchanted Christmas tree.

I loved this idea of a chandelier tree too.

If my mom hadn't already seen this card, I'd have got it for her for her birthday next year, its hilarious!

Please excuse me whilst I squeal... look at these gorgeous Christams snow globes!

I just love seeing all the crafts and creations people are able to make. I wish I could do stuff like that. 

And of course it wouldn't be a market without a moose burger, no?
I have never seen moose burgers being advertised ever... surely moose is reindeers cousins????

Mmmmm, christmasy treats!

Isn't the Cathedral so glorious!?



  1. I loved the market - it was so nice to walk round with my parents - have been going every year since I was little! And I wet on the wheel - it was freezing!!! Xx

    1. I have been the last 4 years, and im inlove with it indeed.

  2. looks like such a fab place

    1. It was! I love going each year!

  3. I love Christmas markets. Mulled wine, music and loads of pretty lights. Awesome! Great photos. xx


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