Hello 2013 ... it's going to be a good year.

Well, 2012 is officially over, and 2013 is here.
I am seeing a lot of "new years resolutions" type of posts on my dashboard, and whilst I do love setting goals for myself, I don't know why we always set such high goals, which realistically we aren't going to fulfil in the new year.
So I have decided to try achieve a few things which I think are fully achievable for me.

+ Continue to grow more confident.
This is pretty self explanatory, but basically I want to continue enjoying my body and enjoying how much I love it.
+ Practice More Self Love & Appreciation.
Again, pretty self explanatory, but I want to continue to appreciate my body, and do things which will benefit me more, pamper myself often, go to spa's, have manicure's etc.

+ Spend More Tome with Friends.
I have been so lucky to gain so many lovely fat (and non fat) babely friends in recent times.
And I want to spend more time with them. Going on more lady dates, swaps, and shopping trips.

+ Try to Appreciate the Small Things.
I do certainly appreciate the small things in life, but I want to try appreciate them more. Even down to someone making me a cuppa. Say thank you more.

+ Try Blog More & about Varied things.
I do try to blog as much as I can, and often have a schedule of posts in effect for when I know I'm going to be busy, but I want to try blog alot more, and definitely about different things.

+ Try New Food & Drinks.
I currently do try new things all the time, but I want to drink more things which are good for my body, more organic things. More teas. I am so fussy with tea, and I wanna try new teas!

+ Do Nice things for No Reason.
My mom always said I should do something nice for someone, without wanting thanks, or gratitude for said good deed/act. I want to do that more.

+ Write to & Swap with friends around the world.
I have done a few swaps with friends in USA and China, and I want to do this more! It was so fun receiving awesome letters and treats from other countries! 
And finally
+ SLEEP more!
I do not sleep enough. I get about 4 - 6  hours a night, which is far to little.
So sleep MUCH MORE!
That's it! My plans for the year, and fully achievable indeed!


  1. I like this! Especially hang out with friends more! That means meeeeeeeee! :D x

    1. Indeed! more lunch dates!

  2. South Yorkshire hangouts! x

  3. Great list of goals. I hope to find some blogging friends around near me, as feel a bit lonely,but I know I am just starting out. I think I need to resolve to get more sleep too!!

    1. It would be lovely to meet you at some point!

  4. I love your confidence lady! You are awesome and I hope you have lots of fun in 2013. xx

    1. And you too! Hopefully soon we will be awesome togethr!

  5. Great list of goals! I never understand why we all make those huge resolutions that are almost impossible to achieve, either. I like to make little goals and find them much easier to complete :)

    1. Exactly! much more sensible!

  6. Woo! More lady dates :) I'm with you on that goal x


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