Lady Date with Jo

Wednesday I went to Leeds to see an old friend Jo.
We haven't seen each other for almost a year now, it's so awesome when you rekindle a friendship and it feels like no time has passed!

We had such a great day, so many laughs, good food and a sad bank account for me! But Im ok with that =D

My dad dropped me off at Meadowhall Interchange at 8am, so I had plenty time to waste, I did my make up and hair in the toilets (classy bird), and ready'd myself for the hour and a bit train journey.

On my lips I used Sleek True Colour Matte Lipstick in Mystic and Collection 2000 Cream Puff Matte Lip Cream(?) in Cotton Candy.
I have been loving darker more purple colours, and this Sleek Lipstick is perfect for that! PLUS, it's matte!

What I Wore:
Leggings - Primark
Tshirt - Primark (uk size 20)
Biker Jacket - New Look
Trainers - Primark
Scarf - Primark

face looks good considering the early hour!
I hopped onto a train bright and early at 9ish am.
I was going to be getting the train at 9.12am, but after I had purchased my tickets, and made my way to the platform, a conductor asked me if I was going to Leeds, and I said yes, and he literally picked me up and shoved me into the train, the doors just missing my arse as I jumped in.

And the cheeky man had the nerve to chuckle at me! tut tut.

I got to Leeds and made my way through the station, and whilst on the escalator, my heart cried at the awesomeness I saw infront of me!
A guy wearing a denim jacket, animal print backpack AND animal print trainers!
Could have cried!

Once we said our hello's and had severe boob loving hugs, we made our way into Leeds new Trinity Centre.
Its proper swanky!

As always, I can't go past a trainer shop without creating a massive drool pile in front of said store. Look at all the loveliness, glitter, animal print, oh my god, if I had JUST been paid, Id have got myself atleast 2 pairs!

We also went into the Lego Store, where Jo is a VIP =D
We made 3 lego folk, I made a pirate Lisa, boobs, red bob, sword, peg leg and all!
Jo made a lego Jo & Adam (her soon to be wife man).
How cute indeed!

We wandered around a few shops, Hotel Chocolate, Lush, some clothing stores and such. And also got some lunch.

After that we went down to the Corn Exchange, which has changed significantly since I was last there.
We went in a few stores but one which I loved the most was Candy Candy.
Her website: www.candycandyjewellery.co.uk

All I can say about this shop is WOW.
It's like a unicorns wet dream!
Pink, glitter, vintage, bunnys, etc.
I loved it.

Ugh, my quivering loins!

Cat lamps... very Rachel'esque
And how awesome are these bunny carousel things.
I want so bad!

Casually taking pictures of myself in a bead shop.

A dapper skeleton.

We finally went to iCandy for pudding!
I had a glorious Orea Cheesecake! Oh my days it was LUSCIOUS!

It was such an amazing day, thank you Jo for everything, can't wait to see you again!



  1. PMSL at the 'ugh my quivering loins' comment. HAHAHA!

    Leopard print trainers and bags rule! x x


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