Sheffield Zine Fest


I'm a bit late to the game with my post on the Sheff Zine Fest, but hey ho, I been busy ok!

The Zine Fest was organized by Betty and Chella, and took place in the Electric Works building, right in City Centre.

I spent most of the day with Laura on her cupcake stand, which sold out!

Looking ADORABLE in her pinny <3

The vegan chocolate cupcakes were my fave!

Laura also had loadsa other awesome stuff on sale, such as the cutest fricking broaches in the world, rings and pendants.

As well as these nifty envelopes which I could not resist buying!


Rebs had a table full of her zines, and Little Mermaid Envelopes, which again I couldn't pass up on!

 Betty's table.

I also attended Rebs & Kirsty's workshop.
It was amazing, there was a lot of love in the room, and I met some lovely people.

Part of the workshop was to write down insults on a page, as well as what people say to us about our bodies.

And after we chatted about the insults, slurs and such we ripped up the pages, crumpled them up and some of us even ate them. Quite fitting really.

It was actually really powerful.

Oh my days, the Helter Skelter slide in this building was awesome! It's 3 floors high, and Im not gonna lie, the first time I went down, I nearly shat bricks!

Laura and I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and just go for it.
It was amazing!

Stolen from Laura 

Awesome buttons which I HAD to have =D

I got a shed loada SWAG. 
God, I spent so much money that day! But it was well worth it!

Reb's zine.

 Betty's zines.

I had such a great time.



  1. That helter skelter looks like so much fun! And the biscuit brooches are adorable!


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