Blogmas - Day 24 Payday Treats

Every payday I pop into town before work and pick up a few nice bits for myself.
So I ran into town in the pouring rain and set out to get shiny sparkly nail varnish and some lip products.

I got 5 nail varnishes, including a Rimmel Space Dust. Just 2 more in the collection to get now.
 I am still not a Barry M convert when it concerns glitter varnish. I find that you have to put on so many coats of varnish which take like 2.5 years to dry, and thats such an arse ache!
So we shall see how these 3 glitters measure up.

The pink glitter was a free gift with £6 or more spent on Barry M cosmetics. 

I also got a pair of frilly socks and 2 bun hair scrunchies, some body spray and an eyebrow mascara gel. 

I also got 4 lip items, a Barry M lipstick, and 3 lipsalve products, 2 from Maybelline Baby Lips and 1 from Carmex.

Whilst I was in the queue, I had a whiff of some perfumes on the counter. 
Im not one for celebrity perfumes, so I usually steer well clear of them but I saw the Lady Gaga Fame bottle which really should be an ornament, anyway I gave it a quick smell and I got to admit, I was really impressed. 
I left the store without it, but as I was walking about boots, I kept smelling my arm where Id sprayed the perfume and I really REALLY loved it, so I went back to Superdrug to pick up a bottle of this black fluid perfume. It normally retails for £54.00 odd, but they had it on special for £27.00!
And we all know I LOVE a bargain!

I'm going to do a review on this and the other items soon.

Have you treated yourself to a Christmas present too?

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