Blogmas - Day 7 MUA LUXE

I came across these gorgeous lip colours recently through Hannah's blog.
So after trying to find them in Superdrug in store, and online and failing, I took to MUA's website and there they were.
MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer's 

I got 4 colours, I felt that one of them was pretty much the same colour as another so no point getting two the same. 

I got Kooky, Atomic, Criminal and Reckless.

The actual tubes are smooth and what I can only describe as frosted, and the lid has a matte effect on it.
The packaging and the actual product itself is very reminiscent of Lime Crime's Velvetines.

L-R: Atomic, Reckless, Kooky, Criminal.
Typical blogger swatches
I couldn't wait to put these on my face, so I opened  them up straight away and painted em on.
I thought it would be best to show both with and without flash.

I DO love em all! I have been trying to think of which is my fave colour, but I can't. I definitely LOVE Atomic, it's bright and in your face, kinda like me.
But then Kooky and Criminal are also so awesome too!

These lip colours do have some serious staying power!
I cleaned the swatches off twice and they're still there.

Have you tried these yet?

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  1. Guh! These look amazing! I'm off to search the internet to see if I can get them in Australia!

  2. These are all beautiful on you! I love your skin. It is soooooo flawless looking!! Beautiful!

  3. Wow, these look amazing!


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