Cut for Evans

So, Evans....
Now, Im not normally a big fan of Evans at all because their stuff is always either frump galore or far too sophisticated, such as the Clements Ribero stuff.

BUT... CUT... now this is something I can enjoy!

What it's all about... 
 Cut for Evans is a groundbreaking initiative from Evans that encourages young designers to be bold in their creativity and design exclusively for plus size.

Here's my top 5 from the range.

From what I can see, only two of the items are over £45.00. 
I definitely want the tube skirt and long sleeve button up blouse! I'm sure if I rocked up to work in them together, people would be turning heads!

Heres a link to their blog all about the range.

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What do you think about this collection??

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  1. I am SO SO SO in love with the shirt & pants combo, alas the AU$ to pound conversion is crazy and works out to be $160 :(

  2. I totally second this. I normally hate Evans but I've actually bought the yellow dress and it looks AMAZING!!x


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