Ebay Wishlist #3

Well what do you know... here I am again with another ebay post.
I have been very busy snooping the ol 'bay for treats.
Here's this weeks findings.
I love sunglasses, but I always play it safe, so for my summer holidays, I'm going for va va voom, or something similar atleast.
I especially love these babies, yes theyre all black but I think they're loud enough as they are!

Cat Backpack
At the moment for work I use a massive tan bag (im all about the tan bags) but I often flutter in and out of love with using a backpack.
So whilst I was looking for some cute backpack inspiration I happened upon this cute little number!
Now I have the hard decision of which colour to choose!
My obsession with ugly/novelty mugs began a few years back when an ex and I moved into a scratty little house and there were a few mugs left over, one of them was a Peter Andre mug, it was so ugly it began a new hobby.
So naturally I always keep a look out for novelty or ugly mugs. 
Unique Desk Lamps
So these awesome lamps I just found through looking at the recommended section on ebay. They're made from used alcohol bottles, how perfect indeed!
I love how kooky these are, definitely something I want, but thinking maybe a DIY project.
Acrylic Necklaces
I was looking for an acrylic barbie necklace and saw some cute acrylic babies.
I particularly like cameo type pendants so these were a real treat to stumble upon!
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  1. Pier 1 had a string of those lights for the alcohol bottles you could use to DIY! I wanted to buy some. I think they are $6 for the smaller lights?


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