Mango Snow Fairy Bath

It's always important to do a bit of self care from time to time.
For me it's simple things like painting my nails, a face mask or some other form of pampering.
But my most fave form of self care is a steamy hot bath with all the trimmings!

I like to start with the water running and sprinkle in some form of bath oils, my fave is a ylang ylang essential oil from Holland & Barrett.

I'll normally get some candles going, I especially love my Bomb Cosmetics one Daisy got me for Xmas last year, it smells like baby powder and marshmallows.

I get out my fave bath products which currently is Snow Fairy from Lush which Rachel gave me at Xmas.

 This time I didn't use a Lush bath bomb, I used one that my dad gave me, its a mango scented one. And boy did it fizz! It left the water with a smooth silky layer ontop and had the finest glitter bits floating around.

I absolutely love a hot bath to sloth out in and soak my muscles. 
Plus it's a great way to get your mind to relax before bed, I find that having a hot bath really tires me out so when I get out and wrap up, I'm all ready for bed and sleep like a drunken teen all night.

   What's your fave bath products? 
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  1. You are so lucky that you have a bathtub! ^-^

  2. I loved the unicorn horn from lush. to be honest I love nearly everything from lush. :D


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