Blog Every Day in June #17 - Top 5 Apps & Why

I'm not gonna lie, i spend a lot of time on my phone, be it for social media, chatting, streaming, editing, research, I do tend to use my phone for almost everything!
And I'm one of those people who has an app for everything.

Today I wanted to share my top 5 apps with you all.

My fave app is Instagram.
I post almost everyday, sharing my life with everyone. 
I have built up a nice little group of friends from there, people i would probably never ever have bet prior to using it.
If you want to follow my shenanigans on there, click here.

The next app I LOVE is BeautyPlus. 
Daisy introduced me to it and I really lvoe it for pic editing, mainly for the filters and stickers.

Next on my list is Netflix.
I never thought I'd be someone who used netflix until I wanted to watch RuPauls Drag Race. I signed up for the free month and found myself using it almost daily on my commute to and from work so I bit the bullet and subscribed 2 a 2 device HD plan and its so worth it!

This app, WIFI photo transfer, became a life saver.
Instead of having to connect my phone to my pc and download images, having to faff about with it connecting to itunes first and spending ages trawling through files to get to an image, you can just transfer them using wifi. by typing in an address in your web url you can access every image in seconds. 

Finally this is my fave fave fave app, FreePrints.
I love that I can get 45 photos printed for free from my phone, fb or instagram account and only pay for the postage. 
Ive used them about 10 times in the last year and the quality is impeccable.
I love this app so much I dedicated a whole post to it here.

What's your face apps?

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