Blog Every Day in June #22 - Taffy Mail Unboxing

Today's post is a Subscription box unboxing/wishlist.

So I'm bringing you another Taffy Mail unboxing.

As before, the box comes stamped with the company logo on it. And this time it came with a cute sticker too.

They have their info on these cards which also have a friends code on too, so if you want 15% off your first box, go to TaffyMail and enter the code BESTIE15 to nab a bargain.

I was so excited about this box I almost squealed when I finally got it.

First of all I see Big Peach which I have had before and LOVE!

Mint M&M's, I gave these to my Mom.

Swedish Fish, which taste delicious and are soft a squishy.

Air Heads grape chewy bar. This was obviously delicious.

5th Avenue bar, this is a crunchy peanut butter bar so I gave it to my Dad.

A Tootsie Roll... now I dunno what this is supposed to be but what I do know is that it is NOT chocolate and it's not my fave.

Caramel Apple sucker, this I devoured straight away whilst watching Game of Thrones... it took an entire episode to munch away.

Snickers peanut butter bar, this again I gave to my Dad.

Cow Tales, I do not know how many sugars is in this, but I want more! Its a chewy caramel with a vanilla centre.

Jolly Ranchers Tropical chews, as we know, Jolly Ranchers are my Dad's fave so he got these too.
Dots... like mini wine gums but crappier? Not a fan.

Finally, Mike and Ike's. I've had the standard flavour of these and liked them, but these Jurassic World edition made me happy! 
(I fucking love dinosaurs god damnit!!)

What do you think of this lot?
I am pretty happy with, I'll be continuing with this monthly box for sure!

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Do you like American candy?

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