Blog Every Day in June #29 - PayDay Treats

Recently Rachel and I went for a quick catch up to Meadowhall.

From Boots I picked up about 60 quids worth of goodies, I had won £100 worth of vouchers the week before at work so I put them to work. 

I wanted a few bits for my bday in July, Rachel and I tend to co-ordonate so we don't bring duplicating items so it was good having her there to compare etc. 

I picked up 3 pots of my hair dye from Directions, as you'll see above, I got bleach too. 
Gotta get my hair looking fresh for the bday weekend!

We went into H&M and I tried on a few items but came away with 2 dresses and a flower crown.

And finally we ended in Primark where I picked up a few bits, this time I DID stay in the line.

What did you pick up at payday?

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That's it for this challange! I am proud of myself!

Back to Business As usual Blogging now!
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