My Best Friend's Wedding

I myself still can't quite believe that my best friend Jo has finally gotten married.
It's been 5 years and 3 attempts and finally she has become a Mrs.

Here are some photos from the day.
(very picture heavy)

I got this for Jo for Christmas last year, the photo in the middle was a VERY FIRST photo together.

She wore these gorgeous silver glitter shoes, they were so cute. And had "I do" stickers on the bottom! What a sweet touch.

Make up and hair all done, and finally in the puffiest dress ever!
Ready to be a Mrs.

As part of her "something old, new, borrowed & blue" my mum lent her this Tanzanite tennis bracelet as the something borrowed and something blue.  

As the Something old wasn't attainable I got Jo a naughty selection of gifts from Ann Summers and said they're "good old lisa" gifts. So i got the Old in there somewhere.

The something new you'll see later on.

The actual ceremony was nice and short. But very lovely. 
YES I cried!

Mr & Mrs Bagnall and Jacob.


After the actual ceremony there was time to take pictures which was done in abundance.

My dress is from Lady V London.
I felt like a princess in it. I am so glad Jo let me wear it.
My trainers are from Primark and the laces are from Pimp My Shoes on amazon.
I wanted to match with the groom's shoes.

Naturally you have to have a selfie with both bride and groom.

The whole wedding party.

I managed to catch a really sweet moment between Jo and her mum during the group photos.

Don't they look lovely!
I am so very happy that this has finally happened.
I was so happy to see her finally get her happily ever after.

Then it was off to the local community centre for tea and cakes.

And a few more pictures.

Onto the Something New I was talking about.
I got Jo a garter for the day, it had lilac ribboning and ivory lace.
Also had a dragonfly pendant on the front.

I knew I wanted to get her something with a dragonfly on to match her tattoo and what it stands for.
I trawled etsy for months before i finally found this. And it was a perfect fit.

This is one of my fave pictures of the whole day!
This is Jo and I to a T, this picture captures us together so perfectly!

Then after a bit of a relax, it was onto the night do.

We finished setting up the hall and had the chance to settle into the night.

How special is this Cake! Absolutely stunning. 
Sadly I didn't get a piece as I think I was dancing during the cake cutting part. Whoops.

Rachel and I went as the dancing emoji girls.

Well, something like them atleast!

I cried again during Jo and Adams first dance too. I'm a soppy kinda gal!

Then the rest of the night was spent in and out of the photo booth and the dancing hall.

A final one with the bride!

Im involve with this photo booth collection.

To my Jo, happy ever after!
You deserve it!

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