Christmassy Graze Box

After not having a Graze box in some time, this one popped through the post.
I had forgotten when I'd set my boxes to start again so this was a nice little pre christmas treat to receive.

The box was really cute, with winter hats all over it.

The packaging was super festive, right down to the inside of the box and underneath all the snack pots too!

Inside was the usual 4 pots of yummy treats.
In this box I got Banana bread, Bonnie wee Oatcakes, Hot Cross Yums, Poppy Seed Bagels.

I didn't have the tea with the banana bread as its english breakfast which I don't drink, but everything else was delicious!

Have you picked up a graze box yet? click the link on the right of my blog for a free box!

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