Nail Stickers

I bought 2 set of these nail stickers, they are a brand called Elegant Touch, they cost like £2.00 odd per pack, and contain 3 sets of 20 stickers.


This was my first attempt at it, about 3 months ago.

First attempt, silver back with black polka dots

They come on a clear plastic strip so you can easily line them up with your nails and see which sticker is going to fit.
I found it a bit hard at the end with the filing, but that's just because of not having long enough nails to ACTUALLY file!
But aside for that the application was pretty easy, place on clean buffed nails, heat, shape and file. Then topcoat.
So I was pretty impressed with the ease and lack of effort required.


So the other night at work I decided to give the next lot a try, they are "zebra print", but really they turned out to just look like black and white stripes which wasn't too bad, but I's have liked a bit more alternative stripes.
Anyway, here's he outcome.

The packaging, and out the packaging

Again, application was pretty standard, I did them at about 3am, and went home at 6am, slept till like 9am, and they had already "chipped" from what I don't know. And When I was washing the dishes, on came off just from the water. So not rightly impressed with that.
But I guess that can be down to me forgetting to add a top coat mabey??

Ciao for now

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