OOTD/Night - 17 October 2011

As usual... I'm at work in these pictures!
As always, mostly neutral make up.

What I Wore:
Fuchsia Knitted dress.
Grey knitted cardigan.
Black Tank top.
Navy Blue Leggings.
Faux UGG boots.  

Faux Ugg boots for warm feet.

Just a knitted pink dress and cardigan.

Said cardigan.

That afternoon before work I did my nails... i use the word DID quite loosely seeing as I'm a) crap at doing my nails and b) they turned out shit anyway! But that being said... I got a lil bit inspired be this picture bellow...

My attempt to recreate this is by far the worst I have seen in the history of someone "trying" to do their nails!

White base coat.

A coat of Gold.

Then a Black stripe.

Once I'd done the left hand I thought I'd try the stripe on the top of the nail... mistake!

Oh well... least I tried right?!!! =D

That's all... Ciao Bellas!

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