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Ok, ok I'll calm down!

After randomly seeing someone's review on a Glossy Box, I was intrigued!
So I searched for beauty box subscriptions on youtube, and found quite a few.

I am aware of the Boudoir Prive boxes, however when I went to pay for it, it wouldn't allow me to do it, no matter how many times I tried, so... I'm not going to invest in one.

The general idea is thatyou pay a monthly subscription, ranging from £9.95 to £12.95

Feel Unique Beauty Box - £9.95 (including p&p)
Carmine Beauty Box - £12.95 (including p&p)
Glossy Box - £12.95 (including p&p)

Carmine Box

Glossy Box

Feel Unique Beauty Box

I feel like i'm going to be more impressed with the Feel Unique box as most of the reviews I've seen on youtube seem to favour the Feel unique box, then the Carmine box, then Glossy Box.
But, i'm all for new experiences and I'm not gonna make my mind up before i recieve them.

One thing I found very good with both Carmine and Glossy boxes was the option to pay via Paypal.
So i could order them whilst I was at work, instead of trying to figure out my card number.

So, I've just ordered one of each! Carmine, Feel Unique and a Glossy box ... I'm really excited to get them all.
Oh my gosh! WOW!

Hopefully i can get a review them of all three soon!!

Ciao for now bellas!

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