Work Christmas Party Blues!

Its that Christmassy time of the year and ... dum dum duuuuummmmm.... Christmas work do!

I wasn't going to mine originally as someone NEEDS to do the night shift at work, but they changed the shifts around so that someone else who wanted to do it could do so.
Which meant that I had to go out and buy a dress and nice shoes!
Which was a massive task in itself!

My first few ideas for dresses were from Asos, Yours Clothing, and Very.

Asos Curve
Yours Clothing

But the delivery times were all a bit long and the dresses were a bit pricey to be honest!
Plus, with the delivery, then making sure they fitted and looked good on me... was going to be a long process and I don't have that kinda time!

So, yesterday I went shopping alone for the first time since Richard and I have been together!

I went to Primark first, but as always they didn't really provide for my ample body!
But I did get a few things there for the evening, such as jewellery and a clutch.
And a few other bits and bobs!

Then went to Evans to look for a dress and shoes but the store seemed to be stuck in like "old frumpy lady" style :/ and the shoes were just rank!

So I went to Dorothy Perkins.

I tried on 3 dresses.
I tried this one on first but it was WAY too small for me! I put it on not realising that it was a 16 on a 22 hanger! DUH!!!

This one was OK, but very fitting on my stomach, which I could have stretched out to fit, but I didn't fancy the effort.

And then ... I fell in love!
This looks 10 times better on than it looks in this picture!

And it was only £22.00 plus, everything was buy one get one half price, so I bought a nice thin black belt with gold detail which was £5.00 originally, £2.50 on special.

So that's the dress sorted, now onto shoes!!!!
DREADED shoes!
I knew I wanted to get heels, even if it was only small kitten heels.
I went to a few shoe shops but eventually went back to Deichmann Shoes.
I had tried on a pair of Red , I think maybe a 2 inch heels.

They're just plain closed round toed heels, and I WAS going to get them until I spotted these adorable ankle boots/shoes!

They were only £17.99 ... and they're super comfy too which is a BONUS!

So yeah... I'm pretty happy with my purchases! And to be honest, a little bit proud actually =D

Everything is hanging up and ready for wearing on 10 December.
The dress is pretty thick itself, so I didn't want to wear a cardigan with it, but I'm thinking of taking a pashmina with and just draping it over my shoulders in case it gets cold.
I don't plan on staying round long, it's not really for partners so Richard isn't coming.
Plus, I'm working at 6am the next morning so I'm gonna want to be in bed by at least 10pm!

So that's it for my nightmare turned awesome shopping experience!

Ciao for now bellas!

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