Mini Haul & Hair Dye

First of all ... these were my OOTD's for the weekend (sunday & monday)

My eyes looked fantastic both days! WOW!

So whilst shopping for my Work Christmas party dress I also picked up a few other things.

Some jewellery from Primark.

The COOLEST backpack EVER!

Some conditioner, nail varnishes. Sleek khol eyeliner in #Chocolate brown and blush in #Saharah.
Aswell as Crazy Colour semi perm hair dye in the colour Pinkissimo!

Also, went to the new Chinese supermarket which just opened!
Spent like £20.00 there! OOPS!

I dyed my shaved hair pink, which was nifty!
I did try dye my hair blue with Directions Lagoon Blue hair dye but it didn't even take to my hair when i tried, so I bought a new colour called Crazy Colour!
It was amazing!
I used a highlight brush to apply it cos I didn't want to stain my head!

AND ...
this is the result!
Keeping in mind that this has had a wash twice already!

I was thinking about just using the entire bottle of dye and colouring my entire head, but I'm actually pretty happy with the maroonish colour my hair is at the moment. Might get an orange red colour to dye it once I have severe roots, but for the moment, I'm happy with this dark, dullish maroon/red

So yeah, thats it for this haul/dye post.

Ciao for now bellas!

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  1. Loving the hair darling! Keep being your fabulous self. <3

    - Marisa



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