Weekly/end Round Up - 29 October - 01 November

Have decided to do a "Weekend Round Up" which will basically be what I did on my weekends, which ever day the fall on.

So to start it off ... Halloween weekend!

1.We went to Krisy Kreme's for a Donutty feast after the cinema and food with Ryan. I chose a halloween themed donut, it was delicious!

2. Our box of sugary goodness!

3.Krispy Kreme's by night. They have a 24hour driver through as well!

4. Chai Tea Latte and Caramel Coffee Frapaccino. We went to Starbucks before the cinema and I gto my fave as always, a frappaccino!

5. Our suer last night. I made stuffed pepers. Red epper stuffed with mash and green pepper and garlic! And a chicken breast on the side.

6. Our two new additions to our ugly mug collection. £1.00 together at a charity shop.

7. My pudding on Saturday - Cookie Dough Mountain. Chocolate and Vanilla Ice cream topped with chocolate mousse, cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate treats ontop of a buttery warm cookie dough base!!

8. My supper at work on Saturday night. Chilli Rice time, banana, crisps and juice =D

So thats the weekend all round up.
Hope I can keep this up!


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  1. God you're making me feel SO hungry now!! Particularly fancy that donut...mmm x


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