Carmine Box


Another day, another beauty box!
Today is the turn of the Carmine Beauty Box.

This is the cheapest box at only £9.75.
Again, first imressions ...  VERY good!
The outer packaging is nice, not as "high end" as the glossy box, but more my kinda thing.
Bright and in your face!

The actual box itself is a nice sleek black box with the Carmine logo on it.
I feel like this is a very well thought box, and the logo is actually done in foil, which really makes it pop out!

Same with the Glossy box, the products are wrapped in a black tissue paper with a ribbon and sticker.
As well as the product list.

The Carmine box itself is gorgeous, the othside is nice and sleek, and then you open it and its a bright neon green with the Carmine logo all over it!
Again ... VERY ME!! Love it!

Just like Glossy box, you get everything placed ontop of this shredded paer.

What I Got:

Product list.
1. Flashback Night Cream
2. iPout Lipstick in Cherry Bomb
3. Cosmetic A La Carte Brow Ink
4. NEOM Organics hand lotion
5. Dainty Doll Eyeliner in Shake your tail feather

I think this box is a bit better than the Glossy box.
All in all it is a better product I think.
I prefer everyting in this box from the packaging to the products.
I feel like mabey Glossy Box is trying to be very high end'ish and the products werent really much to my liking.
I can understand mabey one or two items not being what I like, but to be honest, I only liked one roduct in Glossy box which was the bath salts.
Where as with the Carmine Box, I really like all the products, and will use them to death!

So I guess all in all I much prefer the Carmine box to the Glossy box.
Just awaiting the FeelUnique beauty box now!

Actually, after receiving my Carmine Box and comparing the two boxes, I think it would be best if I cancled my subscription to Glossy Box!

Ciao for now bellas!

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