So by now most of us all know about the Beauty Box phenomenon that's spreading round the world.
But what about food boxes??
Well whilst talking to my boyfriend the other day about receiving my Glossy Box, he suggested I look into Graze Boxes.

So I did, and I must say... this idea is far better than the beauty box ideas floating around.
I do love the idea of paying a few pounds, £3.49 including delivery, to receive a box full of goodies which are both delicious and good for you!

There are Nibble Boxes, or Nutrition Boxes.

In Nibble boxes you get things like flapjacks, artisan bread, honey coated nuts, chocolate covered fruit, crackers and yoghurt covered goodies.

In the Nutrition box you get things like nuts, seed, oats, dried fruit, olives and dark chocolate, things which are a little less naughty  than the nibble box.

Its so easy!

You just pick the box you'd like, choose which day you want it delivered, they hand pick your goodies and its delivered first class by Royal Mail!
It fits through your letter box!

I am absolutely inlove with this idea!

You also get to rate the box you receive and give feed back on the food you ate.
So if you don't like something, you just tell them and they wont give you that again!

I cant wait to get mine!

Somehow I managed to get my first one for FREE! and the second half price.
I also got given a code to give to friends n family etc to get their first box half price!
Go to graze.com/signup/t and put in the code - M5X7K49T

Ciao for now Bella's!

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