First day of Christmas (13 Dec 2011) my Christmas tree went up!

It's already the 4th day of Christmas and the snow is falling.
My Christmas tree (which my mommy bought) is up and decorated with pinks, purples, blue and greens!

Its standing proudly on our window sill next to my family pictures and some candles.
We looked at putting lights on it, but its so dinky and small that we decided against it, plus Richard and I both refer having fairy lights throughout the house so we have put up a few sets of lights throughout the house rather.

The tree itself is white and our decor is glittery.
Note that I didn't personally pick out these, my mom did.
I think it's how she would have liked to decorate her tree!

The star at the top is actually a fancy hanging ornament, which i managed to twist and tie to the tree!

Our proud lil tree =D
Our advent calenders have also been hung up and opened accordingly.
I've bought my mom, dads, and Richards presents. Although my mom and dad already have theirs because we wont see then come Christmas.
Richards is at work because I don't want him hunting for it, plus its big so i cant hide it!

I'm excited to spend my second year at Christmas with Richard!
Last year we spent it with my family and Richard got spoilt rotten!
I'm talking more presents than the rest of us all put together!
So this year we are spending it here in Bradford with his family!
And not so spoilt because I have a different job and a house to pay for so its a cheap year!

Oh well, its the spirit of the day that counts!

Ciao for now bellas!

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