GRAZE BOX ARRIVED - 16 December 2011

I got my Graze box today ...

Its filled with delicious treats!
And with 3 of my "LOVES"

The box is so dinky and small!
And as always, wonderfully packaged!

As always you get a little booklet adressed to you, advising of whats in your box.
And this weeks one was so cute, as its the holiday season it had a lovely little christmassy note on the front!

An overview of the box ... I mentioned before that I wondered if the picture on the lid of the box changed from box to box... the answer is yes.
As always, 4 boxes containing delicious goodnessess!

What I Got:
1. Cheddar, red onion and chutney & 2. Salsa Mexicanos
3. Natural Vanilla & 4. Pina Colada
The cheese, onion n chutney bread was gorgeous, although I only ate half of it (im saving the rest for Richard)
It was a bit bready, and "grew" in my mouth as I ate it, but still loved it! Infact thinking of it now makes me hungry!!

The Salsa dip contained corriander and lime salsa (fresca) and was very nice. The little dippers were like small chinese crackers with a cheesy flavour to them. A nice little mexican snack! I ate it all! Sorry Rick!

The Vanilla seeds consists of vanilla sugar coated pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I love the sunflower seeds but the pumpkin ones need to grow on me for sure!

The Pina Colada .... HEAVEN IN A SNACKED SIZE BOX! It contains coconut pieces, dried pineapple and mango.
Basically my mouth was having a party! LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!

Loved this box even more than my free one!
This one somehow only cost me £1.79 ... think i got it half price.

If youre interested in getting a Graze box to try yourself, go to graze.com and enter the promo code - M5X7K49T. That gets you a free graze box, compliments of ME =D

Cant wait for my next one!

Ciao for now bellas!

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