New Year Shenanigans, mini haul and random photos.

So on 1st January, my friend from South Africa came to stay for a few days.
We didn't do much on the night she came because she had come from Scotland to Bradford. With a meal break in between, which made the trip about 4 hours. Luckily though she got a lift with my parents who were in Scotland at the time!

We went to the pub for a few drinks and then home for pizza and drinks after.

Monday we decided to go into town to the Bradford Media Museum.
Before we went there we went for a Chinese buffet and got a few things in town.

As always, I pigged out on Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup. My absolute favourite Chinese meal!

We then walked round town and got a few things. Went to a PoundLand so Amy could buy cheap shit, ha ha.

And then  walked to the National Media Museum.
It was amazing! And FREE!!!!!

There were loadsa cool displays, but the best was the blue screen display!

Amy decided to have a go at the blue screen and show us on the map where she has been to during her holidays here.

Then Amy did a news broadcast on their recording "studio" camera which makes it into a little short news story with a real news reader and all.

It was fun!

 After about 3 hours in there we went home for pasta and movies.
Amy and I watched Sweeney Todd.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we said goodbye to Amy, and she got a train to Laindon.
(no clue where that is... Essex i think)

So Richard and I went into town for a few bits and bobs.
I got a few things I needed from BodyCare.

WOOOOOO Zume smoothies! I got a mango, peach and orange smoothie with extra strawberry for yummyness =D

Got some new hair slides from Primark!
They were too cute to resist so i had to put one on straight away!

We went into Pound Land to get a drink and saw this .... a Vajazzling Kit!!!!!
In POUND LAND!!!!! WTF! That's just wrong, not the fact that its a vajazzle kit, but the fact that they're selling it at pound land!
With naughty instructions on the back! GROSS!

Also got a nice pair of slipper socks too.

And just some photos from our work Christmas Do.
We went to the Midlands Hotel in Bradford.

That's about it for now lovelies!

Ciao for now bellas!

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