OOTD - 13 January 2012


Friday 13th ... oooooooh spooky!
not really

So another day another OOTD.

I got my iPod up and running again, I got it for Christmas when the ipod touch's first came out.
And my parents got it engraved as well with my name on the back.
So I have spent the last few days off getting it filled up with love for my ears!

What I Wore:
Yellow Dress.
Grey Cardigan.
Dark Grey Leggings.
Navy espadrilles with bows and anchor.
Blue n Red Scarf.
Anchor Necklace.

These shoes are SO FUCKING skanky! But I love them so much.
They're like a year old and so decrepit :/

Still in love with this scarf!
£4.00 for an over sized scarf, cant go wrong can you?!!

 These pictures WERE taken at like 6am so excuse the red eyes, I had just woken up 30 mins prior to these been taken!
Usually the sleepyness has gone from my eyes by then.

 Butterfly ring from some random make up and jewellery shop in Halifax.
Silver gem ring from Primark.
And to finish the "look" yellow nails.

That's it!
Ciao for now bellas!

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