The year that was...2011

I know it's already half way through this month, however I wanted to do a little reflection of 2011.and shamelessly post chazillions of faces!

 So I trawled through my various photo's to find a few from each month last year.
Admittedly some months I could only find one picture.

But oh well...

Here we go!

I had just moved into Richards flat in Sheffield.
I got a job after a month of being unemployed.
We enjoy blissful nights on eccy road at The Tav, our favorite watering hole in Sheffield.

And end the month with a team night out where I get absolutely shit faced, then Richard gets his first tattoo and I classically throw up in the tattooists toilet. And we celebrate Richards birthday with a to to bottom crawl of Eccy road.

Richards obsession for MAKRO grows bigger everyday.
As well as his beard!
We spend many a day off going shopping at Waitrose, Aldi, Wilkinsons, and the Chinese Wholesale, buying mock duck and ramen noodles!
And send even many more a day off at Pho 68 on London road, pigging out on the best tofu and vietnamese food Sheffield can offer!

I move to North Kelsey Moor to work with my parents in their pub The Queens Head.
In the middle of no where... or North Lincolnshire as many refer to it.
I spend most days off gorging on starbucks frappacinos and on trains going back and forth between the pub and Sheffield to see Richard.

Still going to Sheffield to see Richard, we go to Meadowhall to face Richards fear of the shopping center.
Only to find he kinda likes it because he gets to shop for nice goodies for him.
My Snow globe collection grows bigger.
I stupidly dye my hair dark brown and instantly regret it.
We have one last night in sheffield starting with a treat at Wasabi Sabi, a Japanese Tapanyaki  pleace on London Road, and I try sushimi for the first time. I don't like the fish ones, tuna or salmon, or eel, but LOVE clam, scallop, and octopus tentacles. Then we go out for a big night in Sheffield, and Richards mom and step dad join us.
Richard moves to the pub and starts working there.

Richard buys me a 50cc scooter.
I named her Roberta. And she is a beauty!
We (including rick, my brother and dad) all have a go on her many an afternoon, cruising up the farm roads.
My parents go to Barcelona and leave Richard and I in charge of running the pub and restaurant.
We spend many a sunny afternoon laying cricket in the garden.
Richard goes back home (bradford) for a night of frivolous fun.
Then he moves to Bradford a week or so later.

I spend more time going back and forth between the pub and Bradford.
And also many a sunny afternoon relaxing in Richards dads garden.
I also become obsessed with pokemon, for the 5th time round.
I take an over night trip to sheffield for an interview at Plusnet and proceed to never hear from them EVER :(

I move to Bradford to live with Richard and to get a job there.
We go to watch the best punk band ever... Geoffry Oi!cott. A punk band that sings songs only about cricket.
I get a JOB!!
Working for a Vehicle Breakdown Service at International Breakdown.
I celebrate my 24th birthday, and Richard pays for me to get another hole in my face.
This time I get a Monroe piercing.

My parents leave the pub business and move to Sheffield.
I visit alot and find awesome Dinosaur toys in their garden from the previous occupants.
I go to Leeds Gay Pride and rekindle friendships with 2 lovely people.

 We move out of Richards dads place, and into our own 1 bedroom house 3 minutes walk from work.
We decorate the bedroom with purple walls chosen by Richard, and we get a sofa =D
We spend time with our friend Ryan and go to Kripsy Kreme in Leeds and pig out on donuts!!

 We spend a lot of time at Delius, our favorite bar in town. 2 for £5 on cocktails from 5pm till late. Bargain.
I start this blog.
We go to London with my parents and see our friend Ben.
Richards first time in London since he was a wee lil laddy, and his first time EVER on tubes.

I master the art of nail stickers.
I get my first Beauty box and Graze box.
I cancel all my beauty boxes and leave the Graze box subscriptions as very disappointed in beauty boxes really!
I also get my hair cut and shaved! and DYED pink!

I post regularly on my blog, specializing in shoddy OOTD posts.
We put out mini Christmas Tree up.
We spend Christmas with Richards family.
New Years Eve is spent at home drinking wine and eating pizza and playing on the xbox.

Now we're well into 2012 and it's shaping up to be a good January!
1 more night shift to go till I'm off for 5 weeks!

That's it for now though.

Ciao for now bellas!

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  1. OMG, a cupcake snow globe!? I am jealous! <3 Keep being your fabulous self darling!

    - Marisa



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