Holiday Roundup!

So as you all know, I am on holidays/vacation till end of Feb!
I have been off for 2 weeks now and still have a FULL 3 weeks to go!


And even though I have had all this time off to get on with this and other blogs ....
boy have I been lacking!
For some reason, having this time off has made me a lazy blogger!
So I'm gonna say that this week is going to change that, however I can't promise!

Here's a taste of what I have been upto ion the last 2 and a half weeks!

I went to stay with my parents as soon as I had done my last night shift.
Just went for a few days, my mom hasn't got a new job yet so we spent alot of time "bonding" ha ha.
We went shopping when I arrived on Wednesday afternoon.
And I got some new boots =D LOVE EM!

Thursday we had bacon and cheese grilled sandwiches for breakfast, then we decided to make bath fizzies and cake!
We made banana cake and chocolate cake!
Loved making the bath fizzies, they left my fingers stained big time though, but so worth it!

Friday we went to TGI Fridays for some supper and Krispy Kreme's afterwards. And I went home to my Bear!

Then I had some time off to just do nothing really...
And sadly, i got sick :(
I don't even know what happened, but I just got real sick for a few days!
But I trooped through!

So I have been literally living in PJ's and hoodies and jeans!
And i never wear jeans! I have ONE pair!

Went shopping and bought a bit of make up and a gorgeous new purse!

Went out in town for Richards friends birthday.
And our friend Ryan came over for pizza, wine and chatting =D
I also dyed my hair purple, well the shorter side purple, and the long side I dyed red again.
I like it!

In the toilets of the pub, whilst on my way to being merrily inebriated, I saw this awesome piece of "graffiti"

"beware the tiny limbo dancers"

Then went to my parents place again this weekend.
From Wednesday till Sunday!
Quite a long time, but I went to see my gran in Norwich too so kinda killed 2 birds with one stone!
Took the train this time because my mom was getting a massage in Pontefract, so it seemed silly for me to travel by coach for 2 hours to Sheffield when she was only like 30 minutes away!

On the train
Just chilled with my mom and dad most of the week.
Nothing too exciting happened.
Except my new found love for Body Shop soap!
Making fruit salad and cream for pudding aswell as making chocolate cake again.

On Saturday we made the 4.5 hour trip to Norwich, stopping at an "american diner" for breakfast.
I had eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes!
AND a hot chocolate with cream!
It was LUSH!
And called into a body shop whilst on the way aswell!
Just to fuel my moms addiction for fruit flavoured shower gel!

That's it for now!
Will update about the snooooooooow in my next post!

Ciao for now bellas!

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  1. You're very pretty and I love your eyes and hair! ;)


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