OOTD - 07 February 2012

Maxi Dress edition!

I have had this maxi dress for a while now and never really wear it...
Mainly because its so fricking cold here and I never get a chance to wear it in the sunshine!
So I decided to team it with a cardigan and just wear it!

What I Wore:
Maxi Dress.
Peach Cardigan.
No shoes since I didn't leave the house.

I got the dress from Primark, it's actually a size 16 which thoroughly surprised me since its not a very stretchy dress, nothing on it gives way really, but it fits none the less!
It's so gorgeous, and only cost £10.00, it was on sale! WOO for sales!
I can honestly say that I can count on ONE hand the amount of times I have worn it, what a shame, SO ...
This summer it is coming out, with sandals, or cute flip flops, short sleeve/sleeveless cardigans and flowers in my hair!

I also  teamed it with some bright green n blue make up.
Just to be fun and have a bright day =D

I haven'y used gif's for a while so I thought I'd get back into using them!
Plus... they're flashy and move n shit! WOO!

Ciao for now bellas!

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