Re-Touching Pink Hair

I decided to just record whilst I retouched my pink bits of my hair.

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. I love the pink, I've always wanted to have the ends of my hair dipped in something like blue/green or have a pink streak but I'm not brave enough :( xxx

    1. To be very honest, i had ALWAYS wanted to shave the side of my hair and dye it pink and i never thought i was brave enough to do it, but one day i just walked past a hair salon and walked in and they shaved it for me and i icked up a bottle of Crazy Colour and dyed it pink! and i was SO GLAD i did it! why don't you get a semi perm colour? or even these Crazy Colours are good, they wash out of my hair in like 5 washes!

    2. Wash out sounds so perfect! Maybe I'll try in the summer when it doesn't matter so much what my hairs like :) I love that you just did it on a whim!! Really after some of those little feather hair extensions too :D xxx

    3. Oh yeah I love the look of those feather ones, but I could never pull off that look, I dont think!


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