OOTD - 29 February 2012

First day back at work after my 5 and a half week holiday!
Thought it was going to be a difficult day, but ... it wasn't!
I didn't even feel tired at the end of it!
I think more than anything, me going back to work after such a long absence kinda made me realize that I do really love my job!
Favorite boots atm! ASDA George special!

Simple face, copper n browns on eyes.

 I recycled an old broach and made it into a necklace!

It was a blue and white striped bow with a few dangly bits, looked quite french'ish.
I only used the Eiffel Tower charm though! Obviously!
This makes number 2 of my recycled necklaces featuring the Eiffel Tower!

New Cardigan & Scarf, both Primark

Belt also from Primark

Also, on 28th, I got aid so naturally I had to go spend my wages on clothes and stuffs!
I bought a few things from Primark, and a few bits of make up!
Most importantly, I had a lovely lunch at the Chinese Buffet in town.
Although I went alone, and got some funny looks!
Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup and delicious veggie foods!
I just LOVE Chinese food ok!
I had some gorgeous Green beans in Oyster Sauce, as well as Garlic Broccoli!
I also had ... dun dun duuuun, drumroll ... Fried Bananna Balls!

Ciao for now bellas!

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