I am imperfect.

My hair is neglected & damaged.
I never make my bed, I'm just way too lazy!
I don't get enough sleep.
I'm BAD at housework!  I don't tidy up unless my boyfriend guilt's me into it.
I swear way too much! Sometimes its embarrassing.
I talk too loud. Most times its embarrassing.
I don't know what shade my foundation should be.
I bite my nails at least once a week.
I am FAT!
I have grey hairs.
I have dry skin, and get spots once a month.
I still have some of my baby teeth, and I have a predominant gap!
Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth.
I have no fashions sense at all.
I have thunder thighs.
I burp a lot.

I'm not perfect.
I kinda like it this way!


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