Bloggy Holiday

I have been on a little bit of a blog holiday for a bit since my camera has been on a slight walk about!
And I am also going to be preforming a bit of maintenance on this lil blog as well.

I feel like the header needs updating and I need to update a few things.

Also, I want to get rid of the douche'y nav bar at the top of my blog, but i for the life of me, and not through lack of trying, do not know how to get a Google friend connector thing onto my blog, so for the mean time the nav bar stays till I figure that out.
Unless anyone can tell me???

So yuh... that's it for now.

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. Hey lovely! When you're on your layout page if you select Add a Gadget there should be a GFC one somewhere in the list! Also I awarded you! http://islandgirlinsights.blogspot.com/2012/03/award-love.html xxx

  2. i dunno why but i seem to have some issues with the followers and gfc gadget, it doenst seem to allow me to add it. i will figure it out. and thanks so much for the award!!!!


I enjoy your feedback or comments :)