Pearly Blingy Phone

I certainly am not one to get all uppity about "blinging" my phone out with jewels and gems and crystals.
I saw this case on Amazon and it was literally a steal at £2.00.
And It was just so gross that it was FANTASTIC!
I just had to get it!

The case itself is made of 2 parts, the back and front case since I have the Blackberry Torch.
The front of the case has "pearls" on it which are white and a light pink.

The back is made up of the same white and pink pearls, as well as some other jewels.
The focal point is obviously the bow and roses in the middle.

When I first got it I thought I might have an issue with the back case since its not as flat as I had suspected it would be, but it is actually quite comfortable in my hand.

The bits on the back of the case where the space is too small for jewels, is covered in glitter which gives it even more sparkle!

I really do adore it now!

I kinda LOVE it!
Its just so ugly and gaudy!
And that's why its so great!!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. I've always wanted to do this to my phone too but knowing me it'll get battered and they'll all start falling off and then it'll look naff :/ xx

  2. I have already knocked off one little pearly thing, but for 2 quid i didn't expect much more. plus i needed a cover for my phone and i wanted something gaudy and ridiculous


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