OOTD - 01 April 2012

Well it was April fools day...but I didn't do any April Fools pranks on anyone :/
I would have sent my mom a text saying Richard and I are getting married, or are pregnant.... but, I have sent that text so many times I think she is immune to it now.

Oh well...
Another Outfit of the Night for you all!

What I Wore:
Dark Floral Dress.
Peach Chiffon Top.
Peach Cardigan.
Tan Belt.
Brown Leggings.
Tan brogue Pumps.
Tan Scarf.

Again i used the gold and gold brown for the eyes.
It feels summery with light golds!

Rings L to R: Primark, Primark, Primark. ha ha ha
Went on a jewellery binge and got tons of rings!

I love that the cardigan and chiffon top practically match like 99%!

I failed horribly with my nails!
I tried to get gold pigment on the bottom as seem in Hunger Games, but it looks shit.
Probably because my nails are too short for it!
But hey ho.
Used OPI Pink Flamenco.

Ciao for now bellas!


I enjoy your feedback or comments :)