PenPals and Swaps

Ok so as some of you know, I have joined the beauty swap that Rachael is holding.
It's really made me remember how much I love swapping and penpals! Currently I am writing to 4 people in the USA, 1 in Amsterdam, and another in Japan.

I got my first letter the other day from a friend Vicky in Canada...

I also got 3 cute sticker sets with her letter!
They're adorable!
So All last night at work I wrote back to her, and also to my friend James in the states.
Cant wait to post them off tomorrow!

Her letter was a joy to read, and so interesting to hear about stuff from someone else's life.
That's what makes penpalling so exciting, you get to learn new things about people, different countries and cultures and learn new languages too.

I'm not gonna show the contents of the packages just just in case they  manage to stumble upon this!

Anyways... I was just so excited to get my letter in the mail, cant wait to get more from different people round the world!
Do any of you guys snail mail with people round the world?

Ciao for now bellas!

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  1. Aw I have heard about bloggers swaps and writing to each other. I haven't had a penpal since about 10 years ago haha
    Those stickers look cute and the writing paper is so funky! :)


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