Review - Collection 2000 Metallic Cream Eye Shadow

I posted about my Collection 2000 recently in my Mini Haul post.
And one of the products I mentioned was the Collection 2000 Cream shadow.

There were 4 colours to choose from and with me being on my metallic kick recently, I went for the copper colour #4 Copper Pot and the goldish colour #1 Gold Rush.

I have got plenty cream shadows which I love, and certainly don't need replacing.
But these guys just drew me in with the consistency!
Its very liquid, but dries in about 10 seconds and unlike a normal cream shadow it doesn't move!
Once it has dried, its there till you remove it.
It doesn't crease at all.

Top without flash, Bottom with flash
Copper Pot / Gold Rush

They come nicely packaged in a sleek tube.
They have a soft brush applicator which makes it easy to apply and blend. Although they suggest blending with your fingertip.
(click image to enlarge to see full effect)
 Both colours blended together.

 Copper Pot on lids and on lower lash line.

 Gold Rush on lids and on lower lash line.

What it promises: "intense colour, ultra creamy eyeshadow for all day crease free wear"
Well I feel like these do live up to their promise. They certainly do not crease, ever. And they do not fade at all. I wore Gold Rush which is the lighter colour, all day from 10am till 2am and the colour was still bright and shimmery. Very good cover!

I am very impressed with these and they were only £2.99 each. A bargain in my eyes. And we all know how much I love a bargain!

If you love metallics and cream shadows as much as I do, I suggest trying these. They're also great as an eyeshadow base if you are going for a more intense look.

Ciao for now bellas!


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