Tea Bath

You read it right... a tea bath!
And not just any tea I'll have you know.
It was Rooibos Tea. A natural decaffeinated tea from South Africa.

I like to have a nice "healthy" bath from time to time, no bubbles, or bath fizzies, or bath oils.
Just a plain bath.
And some tea =D

I really like Rooibos tea because it is natural and for some reason, it makes me skin nice and supple.
It smooths out my skin and just makes it feel replenished and fresh.

Got a good book to read whilst I soak up the steamy water.

The tea bags are also great for the eyes.
I like to let them cool down and place them on my eyes for about 15 - 25 minutes if I have the time.
They're really good for reducing puffiness and make them look wide open and fresh!
A great little pick me up if you have sore eyes or have been crying loads.

Well tha'ts my story about tea!
Its also great to drink, ha ha ha

Ciao for now bellas!

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